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These tools can be very handy but can also be your worst enemy when you wanted to delete something but not really 'erased.'

EnCase is used by law enforcement agencies to get evidence about people from data removed from their machines.
If someone has been using your PC it can be very handy to find out what has been done to it.
Go to in their downloads section to try out their software.

Easy Recovery Pro
was very easy and helped me get back a ton of files after a system crash.
It works by dropping recovered files to a separate partition or an FTP location so it doesn't overwrite
unrecovered data with data that it is currently recovering.

There is also PC Inspector File Recovery by Convar (A German Company).

Another one with good reviews is VirtualLab Data Recovery though I have not tested either of these last two.

Erasure tools for cleaning up for secure deletion are in the next section.
Since recovery tools and erasure tools both are available to you, it is easy to test them against eachother.